Thermal testing of the DOMUS demonstrator – October 2021

Result from partners:

  • CRF
  • Stellantis

Result has been achieved in October 2021 : month 48 of the project.

Short introduction
After partner Stellantis (formerly known as FCA) finalized the integration of the demo car, the SW debug and calibration phase took place with the backing of IDIADA, DENSO and Stellantis. These activities continued until the demo was taken to DENSO’s premises to perform the Worldwide Harmonised Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) tests in a climatic chamber as well as cool down and warm up tests. The data acquired during this last DOMUS activity will serve to evaluate the increase in the driving range achieved after Hardware and Software innovations  were install in the car. The processed data and achieved results will be presented during the DOMUS virtual final event.


  • What is the objective? Test the thermal performance of the DOMUS demonstrator.
  • When has it been researched? on 29 October 2021.
  • What has been researched? WLTP tests were performed at DENSO’s premises with the support of CRF, IDIADA and Stellantis.
  • What was the result? The elaborated data, which will be presented during the DOMUS final event.
  • What will the results be used for? To confront the driving range achieved with the objectives of the DOMUS project.
  • What is the impact (in general / on the project / …)? Thermal testing will determine if the demonstrator increases the 25% the electric drive range of Electrical Vehicles  across a wide extent of ambient compared to the baseline.

Figure 1: Demo car testing on the CWT at DENSO