Virtual Vehicle

VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center (ViF) is an internationally operating research center that develops technologies for affordable, safe and environmentally friendly vehicles for road and rail since 2002. With over 200 employees, VIF collaborates with more than 100 domestic and international partners from science and industry. The key expertise include connecting numeric simulation and experimental verification, as well as developing a comprehensive, full-vehicle system simulation that includes the human. The COMET K2 program provides the basis for funded research activities until at least the end of 2021. An extensive involvement in EU projects and a broad portfolio of commissioned research and services round out our activities.

Main tasks in the project:

VIF will lead WP 2 to virtually integrate and assess novel cabin designs, provide modeling of acoustic and ergonomic comfort constraints in WP 1, and develop Human Machine Interaction developments in WP 5. Regarding the technical content, ViF will bring in it’s system simulation know-how in the development of a virtual assessment and optimization platform. Furthermore, VIF will take part in the development of advanced modeling constraints.