The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a mission-driven Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) that develops advanced technologies and delivers innovative products and services to industry and society. As a major engine of the diversification and growth of Luxembourg’s economy through innovation, LIST supports the deployment of a number of solutions to a wide range of sectors, including Energy, IT, Telecommunications, Environment, Agriculture, and Advanced Materials at national and European level.

The Materials Research and Technology (MRT) department, made up of around 160 collaborators, translates cutting edge materials research into applicable technology. For this, the department cultivates close relationships and joint projects with both academic and industrial partners, and contributes to Luxembourg’s and Europe’s innovation agenda in Materials research. Our Research and Technology activities target two main areas: Nanomaterials and nanotechnology, and Composite materials.

– Ferroic materials for transducers
– Transparent electronics and optical tuneable nano-composites
– Nano-enabled medicine and cosmetics

– Bio-based and functional composites
– Adhesion and interface engineering

Main tasks in the project:
In the DOMUS project, LIST contributes to WP2 “Cabin Thermal insulation solution”:

– Task 2.2 “Insulating body panel” by developing a thermal barrier layer with a high insulating level via Atomic Layer Deposition process. This barrier should be integrated into the blocks that form the door interior panels and the dashboard

– Leading Task 2.4 “Permanent anti-fog windshield coating for enhanced driver’s vision”, which main objective is the development of a durable anti-fogging nanocomposite coating on windshield using a safe, efficient and cost-effective AP-PECVD process.