Founded in 1989, and headquartered in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, IEE S.A. has been developing and manufacturing cutting-edge electronic sensing solutions for more than 25 years. Well-known as an experienced automotive safety system supplier and component manufacturer, IEE works closely with leading car makers around the world. Most of its sensing solutions are based on printing technologies on polymer substrates however, in 2012, IEE enlarged its product portfolio by successfully bringing its first heating product to the automotive market – a screen-printed, flexible, foil-type seat heater system exhibiting inherent overheating failsafe technology and efficient heating rates at moderate heater T°.

Thanks to the thin foil and screen printing technology; close surface integration, high design flexibility, and good T°-homogeneity are easily enabled and this opens the application of novel heating concepts for cars with a special focus on the emerging electric vehicle market.

Main tasks in the project:

In the DOMUS project, IEE provides screen printed heater foils and integration services for interior components like arm rests, dashboard, carpets, and door panels, along with related engineering and research efforts.