With 98 700 employees, 300 production including 30 R&D centers in 35 countries, The Faurecia Group is a global leader in automotive equipment. It develops, manufactures and markets original equipment through three major Business Groups: Faurecia Seating (FAS), Faurecia Interiors (FIS) and Faurecia Clean Mobility (FCM).

The Group’s portfolio comprises high-quality and high-technology products based on proprietary expertise. These products have won numerous awards and accolades from customers. Faurecia has very close relationships with virtually all major global automakers. It also works closely with its customers to develop the design and functionality of the product range on offer.

With 42 000 employees, 77 productions sites including 12 R&D centers in 23 countries, FAS develops and produces the full line of components that go into automotive seating: frames, mechanisms and mechatronics, foam pads, trim covers, accessories, electronic and pneumatic systems.

With 33 600 employees, 85 productions plants including 8 R&D centers in 23 countries, FIS develops and produces car interior: instrument panels and center consoles, cockpits, door panels and modules, decorative components (paint, film, wood, aluminium, etc.).

Main tasks in the project:

In the DOMUS project, the two Business Groups FAS and FIS are co-responsible of WP4 and responsible of several sub-WP inside the WP4: Cabin low thermal inertia components and system. In the project, FAS has been divided into two partners from two countries: Faurecia Sièges d’Automobile (FAS France) and Faurecia Autositze GmbH (FAS Germany).