DOMUS Workshop – Towards a more holistic comfort model

One of the objectives of the DOMUS project is to improve the electric drive range across a wide extent of ambient conditions while maintaining an acceptable level of comfort. Looking at this challenge from a user centric perspective it appears of high important to better understand factors influencing users’ perception of comfort in a vehicle.

On July 19 a 1-day workshop was organised by TME and IKA at Munich airport. The aim of the workshop was to prepare the experimental work aiming to enrich existing thermal comfort model with new moderating factors and the acoustic comfort dimension in order to create a more holistic comfort model (WP1). Attendees included all partners involved in experimentation (COV, CRF, IKA, TME, ViF), in the modelling (COV) as well as DOMUS technical coordinator (IDIADA).

During the workshop each partners presented details regarding the experimental test cases that they envisioned. They were discussed together with the factors values and strategies to standardize stimuli across locations. In a second step experimental protocols were discussed. Partners could agree on a measurement set-up that will be common across locations and an action plan was drafted to establish common questionnaires.

The fruitful face to face discussions allowed to make a big step forward in the preparation of the experimentations that are scheduled to take place this autumn and winter.