DOMUS Design Workshop by ViF

On July 5th, 2018 DOMUS work package 2 held a workshop in Munich to support the goal of developing innovative and disruptive cabin designs for electric vehicles (EV). The workshop was led by Virtual Vehicle, participating partners were Toyota Motor Europe, Volvo, CRF, IKA, and IDIADA.

The goal was to identify the design hurdles that human-centered cabin designs would need to address while facilitating the DOMUS targeted EV range increases of 25 % and assuring driver and passenger comfort and safety. European mobility concepts were presented during the workshop and explored to understand the changes in use and function for electric vehicles in these future environments. The future mobility visions were provided by consortium partners as well as through engagements with the H2020 Mobility4EU.

The workshop participants worked in several break-out sessions to explore different mobility personas in different future urban environments to identify EV mobility scenarios. These scenarios carry the innovative energy of the various workshop participants and the created insights provide the opportunity for disruptive design options. The outcomes of the workshop will lead to the definition of design hurdles in a second design workshop that is planned for September 2018.

In a third workshop in October 2018, concepts and design hurdles will be translated by multi-disciplinary team into innovative, disruptive design solutions.