Control Logic

Result from partners:

  • Centro Ricerche FIAT SCpA
  • IEE S.A
  • Hutchinson S.A.
  • IDIADA Automotive Technology SA.

Result has been achieved in March 2021 : month 41 of the project.

Short introduction
IDIADA is in charge of developing a software capable to regulate the user comfort and guarantee safety while minimizing the power consumption. This software will be implemented in the vehicle prototype for further testing and validation.

The objective was to develop and implement the climate logic of the DOMUS vehicle. This has been done by researching new methodology for software debugging and optimization by using a co-simulation GT-SUITE/TAITHERM / SIMULINK with improved co-simulation code.

This research has debugged and optimized climate control logic. Additionally, the climate control logic has been shared with project partner DENSO.
The results will be used for the following:

  • To ensure proper operation of the comfort system.
  • To minimize the energy consumption.
  • To offer proper comfort level to the users.
  • To guarantee the safety of the driving experience, in particular by preventing the misting generation in the inner surfaces of the windows.

Virtual simulations results:

  • Driving cycle WLTP at -10ºC:
    • Comfort system energy consumption -39%


  • Driving cycle WLTP at 14ºC:
    • Comfort system energy consumption – 61%.
    • Range increase +14%.