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DOMUS – Design OptiMisation for efficient electric vehicles based on a USer-centric approach

Range anxiety is one of the main barriers to EV adoption by the broader customer pool; moreover, the ambient conditions (e.g. extreme hot or cold weather) profoundly affect the actual driving range which can be achieved.

As cabin heating and cooling represent the highest auxiliary loads drawing on the vehicle’s energy resources, DOMUS aims to deliver advanced solutions to lower significantly the energy demand for cabin conditioning while improving the user experience by developing, validating and applying a user-centric approach to EV design.

As a result DOMUS aims to reduce the overall energy consumption of future EVs in order to increase 25% of the electric range for different ambient conditions.

DOMUS Final Event successfully completed!

After 4 years of development, the DOMUS project has come to a conclusion with a virtual final event where the main results and hardware and software innovations were presented by an international consortium of 19 partners comprised by car manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, R&D institutes and engineering consultancies.

The DOMUS Final Event (online)  took place on 22 November 2021 from 14:00-17:30 CEST. More information about the successful event can be found here.


- Acquiring a thorough understanding of all factors influencing comfort perception and capturing the capability to improve EV energy efficiency while maintaining optimal user experience

- Development of radical new cabin and EV designs and the methodology for virtual assessment of EV (cabin) designs that includes comfort perception, efficiency, well-being and safety

- Development of new cabin components, systems and control strategies for energy efficient, safe and comfortable future EVs up to TRL 5/6 (for some potentially up to TRL 7) Read more...

Project Interactions

The DOMUS project interacts through its partners to several Horizon2020 related projects.

The project is also suported by EUCAR. EUCAR's aim is: “To Strengthen the Competitiveness of the European Automotive Manufacturers through Strategic Collaborative Research & Innovation” Read more...

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